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Vintage Vespa for Restaurants, Hotels and other customer oriented businesses

Vintage Vespa for RestaurantsVintage Vespa scooters are not only legendary transportation machines but also pieces of art that are appreciated by people around the world. They are great to look at just outside your house on a driveway but can also be a component of interior designs of businesses looking to project classic Italian feel and atmosphere. That’s why we offer special vintage Vespa for restaurants, hotels and other retailers, who might benefit from the curves of these historical scooters. Whether you own the hip new place in town, small Italian deli or a fancy Tuscan restaurant, you might benefit from using restored retro Vespa scooters in your advertising or as a beautiful feature of your interior design. Hotels, beach resorts and other tourist facilities might consider Vespa advertising or even offering local rides on these beautiful machines.

Vintage Vespa for restaurants and other businesses – Special deals from Your Vespa

We will always work with you to create a perfect match with your brand identity and the atmosphere of your place. Whether you are looking to park the scooter outside and bring it to work everyday or you want to create a spectacular interior feel, we will always get it right to the last detail. We offer special prices for businesses and more options. Do you want to get a scooter with gutted engine to lower the weight for inside installation, matching sidecar to promote your brand or just a very special scooter to park in front of the place of business? Please contact us for more details.


Vespa Standard VBBAmazing just restored vintage Vespa Standard VBB with a non-working engine. Amazing for restaurants, businesses and advertising. Vespa works in neutral gear making it easy to move but the engine is gutted for light-weight. Brand new paint and amazing looks for your advertising! Vespa ships for free to your business anywhere in the continental United States.


Where can you see our scooters?

Vintage Vespa for restaurants has been around for a while and you can visit places in New York and in New Jersey, which already took part in our special offers. We would like to especially point you to Cosimo’s Trattoria in Poughkeepsie, NY, which recently reopened its completely renovated space to all fans of Italian cuisine. Take a look below at their tasteful interior design, which also features one of our scooters. We are happy to be able to contribute to this great space. So if you are around, stop by for some awesome Italian food.

Make sure to visit their other locations in Newburgh, Middletown and Woodbury.

You can also find our scooters in the up and coming place in Armonk, NY, where you find one of the best Italian cuisines in Westchester County. Just search for Fortina Pizza and you will see what the New York Times had to say. One of our scooters is often park out front so you can enjoy its beauty, while dining.

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