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vintage vespa communityVespa scooters are getting more and more popular especially due to their low gas consumption, space effectiveness and timeless design. Many people use them as daily riders for their short city commutes and many others utilize them as summer vehicle of choice for trips around the countryside and beaches. Whatever your primary purpose, it is always good to meet people with similar interests, where you can learn a thing or two about your shared passion. Following links and suggestions might help you reach out to the vintage Vespa community for fun and for help.


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OFFICIAL VESPA SITE – Vespa history and contemporary models

LA VESPA VITA – Official site and blog about Vespa lifestyle

VESPA USA – Official U.S. site of Vespa brand

VESPA Canada – Official Canadian site of Vespa brand

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VESPA WORLD CLUB – Worldwide club of Vespa enthusiasts

MODERN VESPA – Forum about modern and not so modern Vespa scooters

MODERN VESPA – Worldwide Vespa community on Google Plus

Vintage Vespa Community News Every Thursday

Do you also feel the deficit of interesting Vespa news in your Facebook feed or in your surrounding? You won’t miss the most exciting and funniest news about your favorite scooter brand any more. Reacting to popular demand, we launch Vintage Vespa Thursdays. Every week at 6 p.m. EST, we will put together vintage Vespa community news from around the globe and add short commentary right here to get you ready for the weekend riding. Enjoy!

News for the week of September 11, 2014

It is with a great deal of sadness that people around the world commemorate the victims of 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington today. However, here are at least some vintage Vespa news that might brighten your day.

Vespa has a race horse of the same name

Race horse named Vespa made his debut at Caulfield Guineas. Vespa is New Zealand Group 1 winner and made his racing debut with a close second in The Sound Handicap (800m) at Wanganui in September last year before he stamped himself as a colt to watch with a dominant four and a half lengths win in the Central Automotive Handicap (800m) at Otaki on November 14. READ MORE…

Huge Vespa sculpture in Pennsylvania

In August, 2-D sculpture of a Vespa has been installed in central Pennsylvania by William Snyder III. It’s named #BigVespa and is 16-foot high and weighs 239 pounds. Check out this amazing work of art HERE. It surely must be one of the biggest Vespa scooters ever produced :).


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