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Free vintage scooter shipping to your home

Shipping to your doorstep is included with all our scooters ordered within the continental United States. All prices that you see is what you pay – we will never ask you for more money to cover shipping, nor will we ever provide you with a “quote”. We use only the most reliable and fastest shipping companies like AA Motorcycle Transport or STI Delivers specialized in motorcycle shipping to make sure your new scooter makes it to you safe and sound. Please note that free vintage scooter shipping is only available within the continental United States. For delivers to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada, please contact us and we will get the lowest possible price for you.

Shipping times

Custom Vespa purchase – from the time you place your order, your scooter will be delivered within 8 weeks, including restoration time. This time frame includes restoration, shipping to our garage in New York and then shipping nationwide around the United States to your place. You can always use our order tracking tool to see where your shipment is at a time.

Inventory purchase – you can expect your new scooter to arrive to your home within 7 days. Most nationwide services provide tracking options so that you will be able to the exact delivery date. Vintage scooter shipping is fast and reliable.

Overseas inventory – as soon as you place the order, your selected scooter will ship from our overseas facility to New York, where it will be processed and shipped directly to your doorstep in the continental United States. Please allow 6 weeks for this entire process.

Local pickup – you also have the option to come pick up your scooter at our showroom in Ossining, NY and save $300 from the price of the scooter. You can find us HERE. Working late or available only on weekends? No problem, just let us know the best time for you and we will make sure the scooter is ready for you.

Please note that even though we always do our best, we cannot guarantee delivery times due to possible adverse events experienced by shipping companies.

free vintage scooter shipping


We are vintage scooter shipping professionals. We create our own specifically designed wooden cases tested against impacts to fit exactly the size of the scooter. All boxes are made from durable 1/2 inch plywood and the casing is supported by strong wooden material. The bottom of these cases is made from especially durable material to ensure stability and prevent the scooter from traveling inside its temporary home. When the bottom part (especially the front wheel and the kickstand) is secured with tailor made clamps, the most vulnerable parts are carefully wrapped and padded to prevent scratches and dents. All chrome parts are also covered with a protective paste to prevent abrasions and the loss of shine.

All spare parts and accessories are wrapped and padded separately and subsequently filled in to the overall protective cover of the scooter to prevent them from moving and scratching any surfaces. Every shipment is inspected several times and finally the whole inside of the case is padded with UV-resistant and water repelling plastic to protect the content of the crate from dust on its way. All shipments comply with international standards and are fumigated and treated against pests. Trust us with your vintage scooter shipping needs.

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