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Is your online purchase protected when you buy vintage vespas?

The quick answer is “Yes!”

Your purchase is protected with a legal framework specifically created for consumers.  It’s called the Fair Credit Billing Act – a federal law that was passed in 1975. and it protects you in the following cases:


But you need to know a few things.

Buying a scooter online falls under the jurisdiction of this law. Phew.

We did all the research so that you may sleep well after purchasing one (or more) of our lovely, vintage Vespa’s. You are protected, under this law, when:

  1. The purchase is made with your credit card.
  2. The transaction exceeds $50.
  3. The purchase is made online – The purchase has to have been made in the same state as the. consumer’s address, or within 100 miles of the address. But this does not apply to online transactions.

But, it requires one simple action from you to qualify.

  1. The consumer is required to make a “good faith attempt to obtain satisfactory resolution of a disagreement or problem relative to the transaction”

Thus the law requires you to make an attempt to settle things with the merchant before filing a report. First, see if they are willing to help and correct the mistake.

If you have tried but can’t settle it – then you can follow the steps below…

Step 1 – Dispute the charge

Assuming that you scooter, or vintage Vespa, was accidentally damaged during shipment and therefore arrived in a poor condition. Don’t worry about this from us – we are vintage scooter shipping experts, with our own specifically designed wooden cases. Step one is to immediately phone the seller. If you have spoken to the seller and they aren’t willing to cooperate. You have 60 days (from the statement date on the account statement that first contained the billing error) to file a report with “billing inquiries” address on their credit card statement, not the address for sending payments your bank (please use the same bank as per the card you purchased with).

Your bank should have a place where you can dispute a credit card purchase based on quality. In our research, we found some banks made this option difficult to find. But you can write them a letter stating your case. You can use this template letter. It’s advisable to make use of certified mail and ask for a return receipt so that you have proof that your bank received it. And remember to include all relevant and supporting documentation, including a copy of any sales slips, pictures of damaged goods, and any correspondences between you and the seller. In most cases, the banks will have someone to assist you with the investigation. Most banks will not charge interest on this purchase. But remember, this is not a get out of jail free card for buyer’s remorse. If your claim is rejected, you will be required to pay all the outstanding interest to date.

Step 2 – Notify PayPal

Although scooters are not protected by PayPal specifically – We would still recommend using them in the case of gross misconduct. It is their job to ensure that you are protected and your complaint will help them protect others in future cases. You can notify PayPal with the following procedure:

your vespa paypal online purchase protection

  1. Go to the Paypal Resolution Center.

  2. Click Report a problem.

  3. Select the reason for your dispute and click Continue.


Step 3 – Now you know that you are covered order Your Vespa!

The original frames and engines are traceable to the factory in Pontedera, Italy using the unique serial (VIN) numbers. And we offer great warranty packages – as we have a long relationship with our trusted mechanics. Read more about our restoration process, parts and warranty here.  So there is no reason not to get your unique vintage vespa from us.

always unique always your vespa

How to prepare and protect yourself?

There are many benefits to shopping online – convenience; ease of use; great deals; a great variety of options and information. However, you need to be careful of scammers and disreputable sources. You need to make informed decisions. It’s important to do your due diligence when buying online and here are a few important tips to help you:

  1. Only use websites that are known or recommended. Research other people’s feedback or experiences with the business.
  2. Know who you’re dealing with. Make sure that there is a person on the other side, before sending them your money. Make a phone call or send an e-mail – you will need to know who to contact or how to get in touch if things go wrong or if you’re not satisfied.
  3. Know exactly what you are buying. Get a complete description of the items and accessories included.
  4. Know and verify the full price. This includes shipping, delivery time, warranty information, return policy, and complaint procedure. Do not go on the advertised price – check for surcharges and fees before you buy.
  5. Add a layer of protection. Use a trusted intermediary party, like PayPal.
    This also helps you to avoid entering your payment details on public Wi-Fi hotspots – these may be unsecured, and your information could be stolen.
  6. Save all your purchase information. These are things like the purchase order; details of the product; what is included as well as your confirmation number. Also, make sure of the delivery time.
  7. Pay with a credit card. Federal law protects you if you need to dispute charges – but it unfortunately only applies for credit cards.

Look at the Federal Trade Commission for more information about shopping online.

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We are here to make this purchasing process as easy and convenient as possible. If you have any other queries about this product, please send us a mail at or give us a call at 800-241-8178 and we will able to further assist you in purchasing your very own vintage Vespa.