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custom vintage vespa standard vbb

Custom vintage Vespa Standard VBB – The Spirit of the Sixties

Even though Piaggio filed a patent for its legendary Vespa scooter design in April 1946, the VBB model  manufactured between 1960 and 1967 meant a true revolution in design and public transportation of the masses. This model is the oldest from our selection and because of its age and popularity it is increasingly difficult to find one suitable for high quality restoration.. It features distinctive rounded front headlight and pointed top on rear tail light. Front fender and cowls are rounded with curved trims. Odometer is oval and reflects the curvy nature of this design. This beautiful custom vintage Vespa scooter is the standard for all Vespa lovers.


custom vintage vespa sprint vlb

Custom vintage Vespa Sprint VLB – The Beautiful Workhorse

Manufactured for nine years between 1965 and 1974, this scooter directly follows the Standard model together and features several improvements mostly having to do with the inside wiring and materials used. It is the only scooter of this period that comes originally on 10” wheels and it features squared contours giving it more rough, hard working look. It comes with a distinctive squared head lamp and three piece rear light. This vintage Vespa scooter is great for commuters and frequent riders. It is extremely reliable and its mechanical equipment hardly ever let anyone down. This custom vintage Vespa scooter will carry you everywhere in style.


custom vintage vespa super vbc

Custom vintage Vespa Super VBC – Powerful Masterpiece

Being produced for long 14 years (between 1965 and 1979) the Super model is highly sought after successor of the VBB Vespa. More sophisticated on the inside, keeping the rounded contours of the earlier VBB and yet providing enough brute force with its large frame as the VLB – that’s the receipt for lasting popularity of this model among vintage enthusiasts. Unlike the Standard, this model is easier to find and provides for the same amount of the true classic feel. The newest custom vintage Vespa from our collection is also proving to be the most popular with customers preferring the distinctive look and wanting something newer than the classic VBB.


Vespa 50S for sale

Custom Vespa 50S – Little Giant

Vespa 50S (VIN prefix V5SA1T) is one of the 50 cc models produced between 1963-1968. This scooter, affectionately called “Vespina” was an answer to a 1962 Italian law requiring all scooters above 50 cc to carry a license plate. The first 50 rolled out in 1963 and became an immediate hit with teenagers who could ride from 14 years of age. New slim design with incorporated cowls and new 45 degree engine installation made for a very reliable model, which soon became one of the most widespread scooters of its time. Even today the Vespa 50S is extremely reliable small and light scooter with the touch of amazing vintage design. It’s very easy to drive with lower base and great suspension. Vespa 50 was also the last model designed by the father of Vespa, Corradino D’Ascanio, before his retirement.



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If you find a similar vintage Vespa scooter with personalized restoration elsewhere on the web, just let us know and we will match your price. All that with our guarantees of the registered U.S. dealer and excellent local customer service.

Vespa Standard VBB, 1960-1967


  • Rounded front headlight
  • Pointed top rear light
  • Oval odometer
  • Rounded cowls, curved trim


  • Engine size: 145 cc
  • Top speed: 58 mph
  • Fuel consumption: 107 mpg
  • Transmission: 4-speed manual
  • Weight: 195 lbs

Vespa Sprint VLB, 1965-1974


  • Squared front headlight
  • Square rear tail light
  • Oval odometer (as VBB)
  • Squared cowls, straight trim


  • Engine size: 145 cc
  • Top speed: 58 mph
  • Fuel consumption: 107 mpg
  • Transmission: 4-speed manual
  • Weight: 195 lbs

Vespa Super VBC, 1965-1979


  • Rounded front headlight with flat edges
  • Squared rear tail light (as VLB)
  • Rounded odometer
  • Squared cowls, straight trim (as VLB)


  • Engine size: 150 cc
  • Top speed: 53 mph
  • Fuel consumption: 107 mpg
  • Transmission: 4-speed manual
  • Weight: 192 lbs

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Delivery to your house and free spare parts

All custom vintage Vespa scooters includes a set of spare parts (brakes, brake lines, clutch lines, tire repair kit, spark plug, key etc.) and a matching batch of paint. This package of extras provided for free is worth over $100 and will help your scooter to run forever. All scooters also come with optional already installed free accessories – crash guards, stainless steel leg shield, floor bars and a glove box. You can of course opt out of these options during our checkout, if you want to.

For the custom vintage Vespa scooters, please, allow 6-8 weeks for delivery directly to your home. We will start working on your order right away and will keep you updated with pictures throughout the restoration process, which usually takes around 10 days. Once restored, your scooter will be shipped to our New York facility, where it will be picked up, all the necessary paperwork filed and shipped straight to your door within the continental United States. Everything is included in prices and you won’t be charged for anything extra. You can always track your order during the entire process.

After delivery, you are responsible for registration of the Vespa in your home state but this process is fairly easy. You can learn more HERE.


We use only the best carriers to handle your shipments carefully and on time. We ship directly to your house but please be aware that the service is available only within the continental United States. For deliveries to Alaska or Hawaii, please contact us for a quote.

Shipping to your nearest port is already included in all our prices. You can save $400, if you choose to pickup the scooter yourself in our garage in Ossining, NY or at the nearest port.

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For your convenience and protection, we are offering extensive 6-month warranty covering all mechanical parts. We offer this as a convenience since we NEVER had to replace any parts before.  As with many older scooters, we are not able to accept returns but your purchase is covered by our warranty package, which includes all possibly defective parts. All necessary parts will ship for no extra cost to you should the need arise. We cannot cover damage caused by improper use or operation, so please make sure that you follow our operating instructions.

Not only are we ready to replace any defective parts but our mechanics are always available for a consult at any time during the first 6 months after the purchase. Should you run into any difficulties with your new scooter do not hesitate to ask us for help. We will talk you through it or provide you with instructional video. Learn more about our warranty here.

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